APNs: 149-060-07, 149-050-15, 148-080-08
Mendocino County

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Located in Mendocino County, this 160± acre timber tract is located along the Redwood Coastal Range, one-half mile north of Orr Springs Road, along Hoe Road. Hoe Road is a private road that bisects the southwest section of the property. Owners along Hoe Road maintain their portion of ownership along the road. The property has an estimated 2,850± MBF of conifer volume, with 57%, or 1,637± MBF redwood, and 42%, or 1,182± MBF Douglas-fir. 49% of total volume, or 1,394± MBF, is 16 inch DBH or larger, that is not impacted by water course buffers or harvest reserves.
There is no Timber Harvest Plan (THP) for the Hoe Road Tract and MRC has not undertaken any harvest activities since its acquisition in 1998. There is a spur road with locked gate which provides physical access to the southeast corner and continues along Johnson Creek drainage to the northern section of the tract. MRC does not have an easement from Hoe Road along this access road. A new spur road could be developed from the southwest section of the tract along Hoe Road. The topography along the Johnson Creek Drainage is mostly moderate to steep, northeast- and northwest-facing slopes.

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